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Your New B&B Is Flexibile


Did you know that there is a great amount of potential flexibility in this structure? No, it doesn’t wiggle when the wind blows , but you can easily reconfigure it into two large apartments, one on the ground floor and one on the first and second floors. All that is needed is a door from Orvieto to the Owners’ Quarters, and maybe a second one to the entry of the Room Behind the Fireplace to consolidate the ground floor, and an enclosed entry on the first floor to consolidate the three upstairs apartments into one unit.

Another possibility, allowing for more apartments if you include the potential new construction, is making the new construction a large kitchen/dining room/bar/office with storage underneath (you can build a basement that is not counted in the cubic meters allowed), and turn the ground floor in the main building into three apartments: (1) the Owners’ Quarters plus Orvieto, (2) the Salon plus the Room Behind the Fireplace, and (3) the present dining room and kitchen reconfigured as an apartment (this was one of the original owners’ concepts).

Most of the interior walls are brick and mortar, about 10 cm = 4 in thick (a few are massive concrete about 25 cm = 10 inches), so new doors are not a major problem. Moving or removing walls can be a little more complicated, due to electrical and communications wiring, plus water, heating, and sewage piping in some of the walls.

Another idea could be not to provide restaurant facilities, but to build two more large apartments in the new building(s). In this case, there would be a total of eight medium-to-large apartments in the complex. The sewage system was designed with this capacity in mind, and the other utility systems are easily adaptable.

Externally, there is a plot of land across the road from the house that might be available for purchase or long-term lease for parking. This would release the land inside the gate for other purposes such as recreation, formal gardening, outside living and dining, solar energy recovery, etc. The plot is being farmed as part of a larger area now, and no new structures may be built on it, but it could be used in this way.