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Good News!

Good News

We have been informed that a change in the zoning laws we had been hoping for is now official. It is allowed to build a veranda onto your new B&B! The sketches show what we would propose – of course, it is always open to discussion with your architect and the commune to determine if what you would like to do is permissible. In any case, a reasonable design will keep the house 5-10°C / 9-18°F cooler in the summer, and that will be a great assistance for your “natural air conditioning”.

In other news of the same nature, you were lucky we built the size pool we did – slightly less than 100m2 (1092 sq ft) surface area and maximum 1,5m (4′ 11″) deep. Why? There was a change in the safety regulations for pools at B&B’s and similar guest accommodations, and if you have a larger or deeper pool, you have to have a lifeguard on duty full time. That means you would need to hire two certified lifeguards for the pool season, and have the pool covered or empty when it is not in use. With our pool, a lifeguard is recommended but not mandatory. Some B&B’s and even a few small hotels with “wrong” sized pools decided to close; they felt they could not afford the lifeguards and could not survive without a pool.